You have recently incorporated professional skincare into your long-term skin care management plan and, you’re now wondering how often should I get a facial? Seems like a pretty straight forward question however, the answer actually depends on several factors. The short answer that we often hear is that you should have a professional facial every 2-4 weeks not to exceed 4 weeks. That answer may apply for you and many others, but before committing to a set schedule let us take a look at some factors to consider when scheduling your next facial. Your age, skin type, desired results and environment all play a key role in determining how often you should get a facial. The skin sheds naturally every 28-48 days on average before revealing new skin cells. This cell renewal rate of 28-48 days changes as we age.  Children and teens have a faster cell renewal rate while older adults likely experience 42-84 days for the cell renewal process to reveal new skin cells. 

The frequency and type of facials along with appropriate home-care work in concert to speed up cell renewal, in-turn speeding up the time to address your skin care concerns. The next factor to consider is skin type. If you have beautiful, normal skin type with minimal to no breakouts and are just looking to maintain, then every 4 weeks up to every change of season may be perfect for you! However, for the rest of us with oily, dry or combination skin type, not trying to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts, dark spots 

and other various blemishes it can seem like a never-ending battle to find just the right regimen. Your skin type and skin care concerns may require more frequent visits to your esthetician to achieve and maintain your perfect complexion. 

Personally, I have found that professional exfoliating treatments provided to me every 2-3 weeks is ideal when coupled with a home-care regimen practiced both am and pm. Finding my “just right” facial schedule has meant I never have to deal with unsightly breakouts and blemishes for too long. The frequency of my facial services and following my esthetician recommended homecare have resulted in speeding my cell renewal time up. Because I am an adult still suffering from acne, professional facial services specific to removing dead skin and increasing my cell renewal rate is a must. Having great skin is one of my main confidence enhancers. I love wearing makeup, but I hate feeling like I have to wear makeup. The goal is to have a clear and stable foundation for your foundation, not use your foundation to hide your skin concerns. Pay attention to your skin and discuss with your esthetician your skin care goals and, together you will find the perfect schedule, products and targeted ingredients for your facials. If you do not have an esthetician, I am available to go on this journey with you. 

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